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The company is located in Yiwu, Zhejiang, China, established in 2011.Our company mainly sells wholesale air bed, inflatable sofa bed, outdoor camping mattresses, dampproof mat, air pillow, various kinds of inflatable pump, large family swimming pool, children's pool, swimming laps, floating row, water recreation supplies, toys, household gifts, such as best-selling consumer market, Support OEM customization.enjoys a high status among consumers, the company with several retailers and agents established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation. Variety complete, the price is reasonable. Credit superposition with, defends the contract, guarantee product quality, with many varieties management characteristic and the meager profit but high turnover principle, has won the trust of cus...




Contact: Mr Wang

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Email: qiao@qiaobaitrade.com

Add: China zhejiang dongyang 805 MingKai street Wan Yang the gen 7 4 floor of east area

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